IEIE Transactions on Smart Processing & Computing (IEIE SPC) is a regular academic journal published by the IEIE (Institute of Electronics and Information Engineers). This jounal is published bimonthly (the end of February, April, June, August, October, and December). The topics of the new journal include smart signal processing, smart wireless communications, and smart computing. Since all electronic devices have become human brain-like, signal processing, wireless communications, and computing are required to be smarter than traditional systems. Additionally, electronic computing devices have become smaller, and more mobile. Thus, we call for papers sharing the results of the state-of-art research in various fields of interest. In order to quickly disseminate new technologies and ideas for the smart signal processing, wireless communications, and computing, we publish our journal online only. Our most important aim is to publish the accepted papers quickly after receiving the manuscript. Our journal consists of regular and special issue papers. The papers are strictly peer-reviewed. Both theoretical and practical contributions are encouraged for our Transactions.

The area of current interest includes, but is not limited to:

Smart Signal Processing

- Audio, speech, image, video, and bio signal processing/systems
- Bio imaging, multidimensional signal processing
- Image and video understanding
- Electronic imaging, animation, virtual reality, and 3D imaging
- Multimedia compression, standards, and quality assessment
- Information hiding and watermarking
- Computational photography
- Bioinformatics
- Data mining and processing
- Statistical Signal Processing
- Compressive Sensing


Smart Wireless Communications

- Cognitive radio and networks
- Wireless ad-hoc, mesh, and sensor networks
- Broadband wireless access
- Wireless communication protocol and architecture
- Cooperative communications and relay
- Machine to machine communications and device to device communications
- Green (energy-efficient) communications and networks
- Wireless vehicular communications
- Internet of Things, future Internet, and next generation networks
- QoS and resource management
- Dynamic spectrum management
- Multiple antenna techniques
- Wireless multimedia communications
- Smart social networks
- Wireless network applications and services
- Wireless network security
- Optical and light communications


Smart Computing

- Ubiquitous computing
- Green computing and technology
- Brain science, medical information systems, and bioinformatics
- Smart media computing
- Smart social network algorithms
- Human-Computer Interaction
- Intelligent transportation computing
- Computer security
- Intelligent mobile robot computing



- Circuits & Systems
- Low power design
- Design methodologies
- Application specific design
- Emerging SoC technologies


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