Submitting Original Papers and Plagiarism Policy
The contents of IEIE SPC journal are peer-reviewed and archival. Authors must convince both peer reviewers and the editors of the scientific and technical merit of a paper. All authors should submit the manuscript containing original contents. The manuscript which has not been simultaneously submitted to, nor published in any other publication channels, solely can be accepted. If the same paper is found appearing or published in any other publications, the paper will be rejected without consideration. The paper previously published in other minor publications such as conference, workshop, seminar, or proceedings can be eligible for being reviewed and published in this transactions. However we require that the paper be substantially revised with at least 30% new contents which have never been published in the previous publications. Although new results are not required, the revised manuscript version should include distinct-key-ideas, examples, explanations, figures, tables, elaborations, etc. The manuscript should indicate its previously published conference name and date as a footnote in the left bottom of the first page. Authors should briefly indicate how the new submission offers substantial novel contributions beyond those of the previously published paper(s) or proceedings. We strictly prohibit plagiarism (reproduction of text from other articles without crediting the source) and self-plagiarism (production of a paper with the same content by the same authors). It is unethical to submit the same results to more than one journal simultaneously. However, the review article is an exception. If plagiarism is found in a paper in review or in the publication, the Steering Committee of the IEIE SPC journal will immediately investigate the case. The severe penalty will be imposed on the author(s) related to the plagiarism case based on the investigation.
 All IEIE SPC articles are archived in RISS.
When the manuscripts are accepted at IEIE SPC journal, authors will be invited to complete a copyright license. 

The copyright in the accepted paper is assigned and transferred to The Institution of Electronics and Information Engineers (IEIE) for the full term thereof throughout the world, subject to the term of the agreement and to acceptance of the paper for publication in IEIE Transactions on Smart Processing and Computing. The IEIE shall have the right to publish the paper in any medium or form, or by any means, now known or later developed.  

However, the original authors retain the right to copy, translate or modify their own manuscripts. In cases when a manuscript is translated into another language or when any portion of the manuscript is to be submitted to another publication, the original manuscript should be clearly cited in the publications.
Publication Fees
We do not charge any publication fees. 

Open Acceess
This publication is an open access journal. The published papers are freely available online to the reader at no charge with all content open access.

Under the open access license, the authors agree that anyone may reuse, copy, distribute their published article in whole or part for any purpose, for free, even for commercial purposes as long as the authors and original source are properly cited.  

Manuscript Format

The manuscript format guidelines are the following:
Items Guidelines
Pages More than 8 pages within 14 pages including figures, tables, and biographies.
Depending on the manuscript types (Please refer to the manuscript types below)
Page size 21cm (width) X 29.7cm (height)
Column and line space Double column page and single space.
Main context
font size and style
10 point-size. Times New Roman only.
Main title and section title
font size
18 point-size, Arial bold font style, and indianred color for the main title. 12 point size Arial bold font style and indian-red color for the section title.
Abstract 100~200 words.The abstract title font is the Times New Roman font.
Abstract must illustrate the nature, importance, 
and contributions of the paper. Do not include complex symbols,
mathematical notations or bibliographic references.
Author name and affiliation Author name is 9 point-size. Author’s affiliation should include e-mails and should be
written in 9 point-size.
You must indicate which author is the correspondent author after the authors' affiliation.
Keywords Provide 5~6 keywords that best describe the contents and address the key issues of your paper.
The keyword title is Arial font type and 10 point-size.
The given keywords are essential to find the appropriate reviewers.

  Manuscript types : Four types of manuscripts are accepted.
Regular papers Typically, eight pages in final length. The regular papers should focus on a specific, original contribution, with sufficient literature review, analysis, and results to establish clearly its merit and potential value.
Short papers Four or fewer pages in the final form with preliminary but very important results, intended for quick processing. Also, it is recommended that implementation of applications (not much contribution for academia, but for industry) fits to the short papers.
Invited papers These normally address the papers that EIC or AE invites for special issues.
Correspondence These normally address corrections to published papers or substantive technical discussion of papers. They are limited to two pages in the final form.

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