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Journal of the Institute of Electronics and Information Engineers

IEIE Transactions on
Smart Processing & Computing

Open Access Journal Bimonthly
  • ISSN (Online) : 2287-5255

IEIE Transactions on Smart Processing & Computing (IEIE SPC) is a regular academic journal published by the IEIE (Institute of Electronics and Information Engineers). It is a bimonthly journal, published on the last day of February, April, June, August, October, and December. IEIE SPC has been indexed in Elsevier’s Scopus database and KCI since 2018. IEIE SPC encompasses the following topics: smart signal processing, smart wireless communications, smart computing and smart circuits and systems. The advent of on-device AI has been deeply integrated into every aspect of our lives, thus we must continuously strive to keep up with the evolving technologies and improve the sustainability of processing & computing. As the means to promptly disseminate new technologies and ideas for smart processing & computing, every paper of the journal is strictly peer-reviewed and published online-only. IEIE SPC invites you to submit papers, covering the state-of-art research results in various fields of interest.