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Title A Computer-aided, Automatic Heart Disease-detection System with Dry-electrode-based Outdoor Shirts
Authors Eun-Bin Park(Eun-Bin Park) ; Jong-Ha Lee(Jong-Ha Lee)
Page pp.8-13
ISSN 2287-5255
Keywords Cardiovascular devices ; Sports instrumentation and devices ; Sensors/actuators
Abstract The typical method of monitoring arrhythmia is to use a body patch?type sensor with a wet electrode. There are several problems caused by wet electrodes when used for long-term monitoring. Thus, we developed smart outdoor shirts equipped with a dry-electrode electrocardiogram (ECG) sensor for a computer-aided cardiac arrhythmia diagnosis system. The sensor can be inserted in a console close to the chest, charged, and used to communicate wirelessly, connecting to a smartphone application. According to experiments, the ECG signals measured by the smart shirt indicate that 97.5±1% of the signals can be measured when immobile, and at least 85.2±2% of the signals can be measured during movement. In addition, we propose a computeraided diagnosis system for detecting cardiac arrhythmia. We determine through experiments that the system can detect arrhythmia with an accuracy of 98.2±2%. Editor - Highlight - It is impossible to have 100.2% accuracy. Please adjust as needed.