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Title Differentiation of Homogenous and Speckled Objects in HEp-2 Specimen Images using Keypoint Features and an Adaptive Cuckoo Search Algorithm
Authors D. Kanchana(D. Kanchana) ; G. Nagarajan(G. Nagarajan) ; S. Ramakrishnan(S. Ramakrishnan)
Page pp.36-42
ISSN 2287-5255
Keywords HEp-2 specimen ; Autoimmune disease ; SURF ; Adaptive cuckoo search ; Classification
Abstract In this work, an attempt has been made to differentiate human epithelial type-2 (HEp-2) specimen images using Bag of Features (BoF) and Adaptive Cuckoo Search (ACS) feature selection. For this, 420 images consisting of homogenous and speckled patterns were obtained from a publicly available International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR) 2016 database. These images are preprocessed using edge-aware local contrast enhancement and subjected to a speededup robust feature (SURF) descriptor for feature extraction. The optimal features are identified using the ACS method and are then fed into a support vector machine (SVM) for classification. The results show that the proposed approach is able to distinguish homogenous and speckled patterns. It is found that the features identified using ACS-based feature selection are significant. The proposed approach yields an average accuracy of 97.90% using the SVM classifier. Because automated analysis and classification of HEp-2 specimen images is important for the diagnosis of autoimmune diseases, this study seems to be clinically relevant.