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Title Privacy and Security Data-sharing Technologies for Tampering Protection and Detection
Authors S. M. Buddhika Harshanath(S. M. Buddhika Harshanath)
Page pp.43-48
ISSN 2287-5255
Keywords Mobile computing devices ; Social networks ; Control ; Privacy and security ; Social network services
Abstract Digital transformation enables the development and testing of available applications for customer use, done in a smart way. It is also clear that the vast amounts of available data related to business cannot be easily handled in a day without the use of these mobile resources. Yet, privacy and security factors affect the release of more data for publishing or exchange. Open data is ruled out due to insufficient available data for research, as related to mobile devices, where there is a need for real data sets for testing purposes. The Internet of Things demands stronger security mechanisms to keep attacks in buildings and automobiles at bay. However, it must not be ignored that rules and regulations require considerable time to come into effect, whereas self-control, imposed by a user made aware of the risks, takes little or no time at all.