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Title Efficient Analysis of IT Facility Security Vulnerability Topics by Utilizing R Programming
Authors Jaehyun Choi(Jaehyun Choi) ; Hoojin Lee(Hoojin Lee)
Page pp.186-192
ISSN 2287-5255
Keywords Security vulnerabilities ; IT facilities ; Big data ; R program ; Topic analysis
Abstract The recent development of domestic information and communications technologies (ICT) has made it possible to use the Internet anywhere in society, consequently exposing various security threats. Specifically, there is frequent leakage of personal information as well as system infringements, which are mainly caused by either internal or external security weaknesses. Besides, there is no exception for private companies or public corporations that have well-equipped security systems. In order to adequately prepare countermeasures against infringement incidents, security officers have been concerned every year. Hence, the government has designated information and communications infrastructures for major national facilities as a measure against the security threats and, since 2001, has enacted and promulgated the Information and Communication Infrastructure Protection Act. In this paper, we attempt to analyze the trends associated with the vulnerability status of information technology (IT) facilities, and to evaluate the weak points in IT facilities. And finally, we derive the most-mentioned vulnerabilities by effectively utilizing the R program to obtain statistical calculation and visualization, and thus, a common denominator for IT environments.