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Title IoT Analysis and Processing System using Sensed Data for Laboratory Safety Management
Authors JaeKwang Lee; HyunSeong Lee;SeoungHyeon Lee
Page pp.306-316
ISSN 2287-5255
Keywords IoT; Sensor; Apache spark; MQTT; Real time-based
Abstract This study proposes and implements a real-time message analysis processing system using sensed data for safety management of a laboratory composed of Internet of Things (IoT) sensor devices. Existing IoT systems have difficulty storing data in a relational database system due to the different data formats between sensor devices, and they also have preprocessing overhead due to nonstandard communications protocols. Furthermore, they are centralized systems with unstable service continuity, and it is difficult to add new functions or extend the system because of the complex connections among sensor devices and services. Studies on real-time analysis and processing of large volumes of sensor data are also insufficient. To address these problems, the proposed system uses IoT sensor devices, based on standard communications protocols, and message queue brokers based on standard messaging protocols. The message queue brokers can facilitate adding sensor devices or services by delivering the sensor data from the gateway and central server to the services. Services can continue, even in the event of network trouble, because the services that had been provided from the central server are now provided through smart gateways. The central server can provide risk analysis and prevention services for laboratory safety management through Apache Spark, a real-time big data analysis and processing platform. Through the experiments in this study, the proposed real-time message analysis processing system for laboratory safety management was implemented. The message queue brokers between the standard Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) protocol and the smart gateway receiving the data were built into sensor devices equipped with network and sensor modules. Exchange routing keys are also specified by topic and service for each sensor device in line with the laboratory safety management environment. Data transmission processing is handled by a federated connection of the gateway brokers and the central server brokers.