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Title Optical Characteristics Comparison Between a Three-striped LED and a Conventional GaN-based LED
Authors Keeyoung Kwon; Janggeun Ki
Page pp.317-323
ISSN 2287-5255
Keywords LED; Photon extraction efficiency; Mean photon path length; Striped LED
Abstract In this paper, we propose a new light-emitting diode structure with three stripes. We analyze the effect of the tapered structure of the proposed three-striped LED on photon extraction efficiency and on the mean photon path length, compared with a conventional LED structure. The effect of the absorption loss from p-metal and n-metal electrodes on photon extraction efficiency and the mean photon path length are also studied by comparing the three-striped LED with the conventional LED structure. In the three-striped LED, photon extraction efficiency is 40.7%, which is greater than the conventional gallium-nitride (GaN)-based LED, when Fresnel reflection at the semiconductor air interface is the only mechanism to prevent emitting of light.