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Title Analysis of Interference with WPT Mobile and Portable Devices That Use NFC
Authors Seung Hyun Lee;Ilkyoo Lee;Cheng Liu;Jing Niu
Page pp.380-384
ISSN 2287-5255
Keywords Interference; WPT; NFC; MCL; MC; Maximum allowed transmitting power
Abstract Currently, interest in wireless power transfer (WPT) is increasing for mobile- and portable-device applications. It is necessary to analyze the interference between WPT chargers and other wireless devices for the efficient use of frequency resources. In this paper, the impact of a WPT charger for a cellular phone and a near field communication (NFC) device is analyzed by using the minimum coupling loss (MCL) method and the Monte Carlo (MC) method. As a result, the difference in the maximum allowed transmitting power of a WPT charger is obtained based on different numbers of WPT chargers in order to protect NFC devices without a protection distance between them and the WPT charger. The analysis approach and results are expected to be used as a guideline to investigate the coexistence of low-power devices.