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Title A Prototype Information System for Tuberculosis Patients
Authors Seow Hoon Saw;Kok Boon Chong;Seow Hui Saw
Page pp.482-489
ISSN 2287-5255
Keywords Tuberculosis; Diagnostic laboratory; Information system; Green system
Abstract Tuberculosis (TB) causes millions of deaths every year globally. The contributing factors are delayed presentation of signs and symptoms, inaccurate diagnosis, and postponement of treatment. It is worsened by the lack of a competent information system to manage TB clinical and laboratory data of the patients. Despite the common usage of information systems in the hospital setup, their importance in TB control has only recently been recognized. An effective system for TB patient data is still needed to ease inter-facility communication. The goal of such a system is to rapidly report on and detect infections or outbreaks, as well as to plan interventions. This paper demonstrates development of a paperless prototype information system that collects, stores, and manages information on TB patients, and delivers it between clinics, radiology departments, and diagnosis laboratories. This green system is environmentally friendly because all documentation is digitized. In addition, the use of automation minimizes human error.