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Title Improvement of Cognitive Function from Convergence of Sensory Stimuli in Digital/Analog-based Board Games
Authors Jeong Won Kang;Ki Young Lee
Page pp.7-12
ISSN 2287-5255
Keywords Functional board game; Digital convergence; Cognitive function improvement; Intervention therapy
Abstract The purpose of this study is to investigate intervention therapy for cognitive function improvement using board games. We especially tried to verify the effect of board games with a digital convergence, functional board game that can simultaneously stimulate the various human senses. We observe changes in the cognitive function of the elderly through short-term and long-term experiments with active games and with interactive games that cannot be implemented in static games, such as PC games, smart-phone games or card games. The clear improvement in patients with early dementia and mild cognitive impairment confirmed the feasibility of intervention therapy for cognitive improvement using a digital convergence, functional board game. Because the target is an elderly person, we can confirm that social bonding environments in which people can voluntarily play games together, formation of game groups, and communication are also very important factors in the research process.