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Title Usability Tests with a Virtual Arthroscopic Surgery Simulator
Authors Hyukjin Kwon;Einjeong Hwang;Seoktae Yun;Myeungcheol Shin;Jaegyun Lim
Page pp.28-32
ISSN 2287-5255
Keywords Virtual; Simulator; Arthroscopic surgery; Resident; Usability tests
Abstract Arthroscopic surgery is one of the most difficult surgeries, so even if an orthopedic resident trains a lot, it is difficult to perform surgery well. In addition, a resident does not have many opportunities to perform surgery before becoming a licensed orthopedist. In order to help train residents, we created a virtual arthroscopic surgery simulator. Our goal is to improve the residents’ surgical proficiency in repairing rotator cuff tears and Bankart lesions. We carried out nine usability tests with an orthopedist, and are improving the simulator based on the results.