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Title Multi-agent Simulation of Urban Transportation: Dependence on the Weather in Toyama City, Japan
Authors Taiki Watanabe;Takeshi Oyama;Yu Nakayama;Yoshito Tobe;Kazutoshi Sakakibara
Page pp.41-48
ISSN 2287-5255
Keywords Multi-agent simulation; Weather; Transportation
Abstract The problems in cities vary depending on many demographic conditions. In particular, Japan suffers from a decline in population, and that necessitates the redesign of people's means of transportation in the cities. Simulation is desirable not only to identify the present status of people's selection of their means of transportation, but is needed to predict how people change their selection of transportation if some infrastructure or new method is added. In this study, we use environment-dependent elements as parameters of the residents, and we investigate the changes in transportation methods depending on the weather. This simulation study shows that a change in the weather results in a change in the usage of transportation.