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Title Viewpoint-aware Segment Streaming for Free Navigation of Light-field Images
Authors Won-Ki Seo;Chae Eun Rhee
Page pp.85-91
ISSN 2287-5255
Keywords Virtual reality; Light field; Streaming; Free navigation; Immersive video
Abstract Virtual reality (VR) is drawing a lot of attention as a future killer application that may surpass the era of two-dimensional video. However, VR still has many technical bottlenecks and challenges that should be overcome for wide application. Image quality and interaction should be improved to increase the immersion level for users. This drastically increases the amount of image data needed for rendering. At the same time, the image should be transmitted without intermittence in a network environment having limited bandwidth. This paper proposes a streaming scheme supporting free navigation in a light field?based VR system. The proposed viewpoint-aware streaming of light-field data focuses on the fact that image data can be reused in active exploration of spaces, in contrast to passive video watching. The quantity of data transmission may be significantly decreased by employing a cache in user devices.