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Title Fast Image-matching Technique Robust to Rotation in Spherical Images
Authors Chan-Ho Moon;Seong-Won Lee
Page pp.104-111
ISSN 2287-5255
Keywords Spherical image; Icosphere; Hexagonal grid; Image matching; Fisheye-lens camera
Abstract There are many studies on 3D reconstruction using image-matching algorithms for 360- degree spherical images. However, it is difficult to apply conventional planar-based matching algorithms because a spherical image is represented in 3D space with a geodesic grid. In this study, a fast image-matching algorithm especially robust to rotation in spherical images is proposed. With interleaving and hashing techniques, memory waste is reduced and memory access efficiency is improved in mapping a 2D flatten icosahedron corresponding to a 3D icosphere. In addition, a modified Features from Accelerated Segment Test?based matching technique is proposed to improve robust matching performance. The proposed matching technique uses a descriptor with directional information order to endure rotation of images.