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Title Expressions of Emotion in Smart-doll Eyes using a Micro Display
Authors (Jieun Kwon)
Page pp.193-202
ISSN 2287-5255
Keywords Digital image processing; Emotional expression; Digital eyes; Micro display; Smart doll
Abstract Recently, technologies for expressing or recognizing emotion from facial expressions in digital displays, such as those found on smart dolls and robots, have been advancing. Among such facial expressions, the eyes can express detailed emotions through fine movements and reactions.
The purpose of this study is to extract the elements for expressions of emotion via digital media used for smart-dolls’ eyes, and to develop guidelines for creating such expressions of emotion.
Extraction of factors for the expression of emotion along with a suitability verification process were conducted to develop suitable eye content for smart dolls through expert focus group interviews, surveys, and statistical analysis. As a result, four elements for the expression emotion with the eyes (eye shape, gaze, iris size, and effect) were derived, and 13 emotional expression guidelines were developed accordingly. The findings of this study are expected to play an important role as an effective technology tool for communication of emotions when developing facial expression systems using the digital displays that continuously appear.