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Title Exploiting GPU-based Parallelism for Quantum Computer Simulation: A Survey
Authors (Sengthai Heng) ; (Taekyung Kim) ; (Youngsun Han)iD
Page pp.468-476
ISSN 2287-5255
Keywords Quantum computer simulation; Quantum computing; GPU computing
Abstract As the advent of quantum computers comes closer, research on quantum algorithms is actively being conducted in various fields. Quantum computer simulation is mainly employed for the study of quantum algorithms due to the imperfections of quantum computers. Quantum computer simulation using classical computers has encountered significant challenges in emulating quantum algorithms, where computational time and memory usage increase exponentially due to superposition and entanglement. To resolve these problems, there have been many studies to exploit GPU-based parallelism in quantum computer simulation. In this review paper, we present various studies on implementing quantum computer simulations using single or multiple GPUs. We also analyze the performance of these studies in terms of speedup and summarize the simulation methods.