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Title Algorithm for Vertical Handover Decision using Least Cost Function
Authors (Siddharth Goutam) ; (Srija Unnikrishnan) ; (Sundary S. Prabavathy) ; (Archana Karandikar)
Page pp.44-54
ISSN 2287-5255
Keywords Vertical handover (VHO); Vertical handover decision algorithm (VHDA); Decision matrix; Normalized matrix; Weight matrix; Analytic hierarchy process (AHP); Least cost function; Multi-attribute decision making (MADM)
Abstract Next Generation Networks (NGNs) will be heterogeneous due to the presence of the various Radio Access Technologies (RATs). The number of smartphone users is increasing exponentially, and smartphones are being equipped with multiple network interfaces. Smartphone users desire to be connected to the best network among the available networks while moving across geography. The requirement of seamless connectivity along with a maintained Quality of Service (QoS) can be achieved through Vertical Handover (VHO).Vertical Handover is an important factor to be considered in network design. The full potential of various access networks can be achieved using efficient and effective Vertical Handover Decision Algorithms (VHDAs). In this context, the research paper proposes a model for VHDA based on a Least Cost function. The primary function of VHDA is to provide “All-Time Connectivity to the Best Possible Network with the Best Quality of Service at the Least Cost”. The main parameters considered in the VHDA are RSS, bandwidth, network coverage, packet loss, jitter, and latency.