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Title Information-centric Edge Computing: A Survey
Authors (Muhammad Imran) ; (Muhammad Atif Ur Rehman) ; (Byung-Seo Kim)
Page pp.250-258
ISSN 2287-5255
Keywords ICN with edge; Edge computing; Information-centric networking; Named data networking; Information-centric edge
Abstract Edge Computing (EC) and Named Data Networking (NDN) are two emerging technologies that are considered as the most representative technologies for the future Internet. NDN directly forwards an application layer name in the network layer, mitigating the requirements of an individual and complex network addressing schemes for devices. The intermediate nodes and/or routers in NDN architecture cache the content inside their memory according to the caching policy to fulfill similar requests in the future within a short time. EC, on the other hand, offers computation, software services, data, and storage that are close to end-users compared to cloud computing, which results in lower delay and high speed of task execution. In the 5G communication scenarios and beyond, ultra-low latency, efficient mobility management, and security are fundamental requirements. Thus, the synergy of NDN with EC appears as a promising candidate and has attracted extensive attention from academia in the recent past. Therefore, in this survey paper, we discuss various techniques that integrate EC with Information Centric Networking (ICN)/NDN and fulfill the aforementioned requirements. We also shed light on the limitations and open research challenges in the field of NDN and EC for the research community.