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Title Image Denoising Method based on Deep Learning using Improved U-net
Authors (Jaewook Han) ; (Jinwon Choi) ; (Changwoo Lee)
Page pp.291-295
ISSN 2287-5255
Keywords Image denoising; Deep learning; U-net; New structure; Improved U-net
Abstract Various methods, including block-matching and 3D filtering (BM3D), have been proposed for image denoising. Recently, studies on deep learning methods for image denoising have been on the rise. In this paper, we propose a new structure for a deep neural network that improves image denoising performance. Among the existing deep neural networks, we improve Unet, which is widely used for image restoration, through the inclusion of pre-processing and postprocessing and by modifying each of its stages. Extensive simulations show that the proposed structure performs very well for a wide range of noise levels with a single trained parameter, and it exhibits superior image denoising performance compared to conventional deep neural networks.