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Title Modification in the Range of Information Potentials for Blind Algorithms in Impulsive Noise Environments
Authors (Namyong Kim) ; (Kihyeon Kwon)
Page pp.296-301
ISSN 2287-5255
Keywords Impulsive noise; Range of influence; Information potential; Blind; DFE; Gaussian kernel
Abstract In this paper a modification approach to the range of influence for information potentials (IP)of blind decision feedback equalizer (DFE) algorithms is presented to cope better with impulsive noise and severe channel distortion. Analysis of the IP range of influence reveals that the range should be applied separately based on the roles under impulsive noise. A new cost function that can manage ranges of information potentials is proposed, and a related DFE algorithm is derived. Simulation results from the environment of a severe multipath channel obtained from shallow-water communication experiments and impulsive noise show that the proposed DFE algorithm yields more than 10 dB in MSE gain by employing the proposed modification toranges of information potentials.