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Title A New Imaging Geometry Model for Multi-receiver Synthetic Aperture Sonar Considering Variation of The Speed of Sound in Seawater
Authors (Nguyen Dinh Tinh) ; (Trinh Dang Khanh)
Page pp.302-308
ISSN 2287-5255
Keywords Synthetic aperture sonar (SAS); Geometry model; Sound velocity; Doppler effect; SAS image; Beamforming
Abstract This paper proposes a new imaging geometry model for multi-receiver synthetic aperture sonar (SAS). The model considers the change of the speed of sound in seawater, the effect of platform movement on the acoustic velocity vector (AVV), and the Doppler effect. Based on the proposed model, a solution to determine the phase distribution was generated to improve the SAS image quality. The simulation results demonstrate the merits of proposed model compared to the traditional models that consider the speed of sound in seawater as a fixed value, ignore the change of AVV during transmission, and suppress the Doppler effect.