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Title Die-to-die Inspection of Semiconductor Wafer using Bayesian Twin Network
Authors (Eunjeong Choi) ; (Jeongtae Kim)
Page pp.382-389
ISSN 2287-5255
Keywords Wafer inspection; Die-to-die inspection; Machine learning; Machine vision; Twin network; Siamese network; Bayesian learning
Abstract In this paper, we propose a deep learning-based die-to-die wafer inspection system, which is composed of an encoder-decoder-based twin network (Siamese network). In contrast to other deep learning-based wafer inspection methods, the proposed method takes golden and test die images as input and compares them to detect different areas as defects. In addition, we apply Bayesian learning to improve the performance of the proposed twin network. We verified the performance of the proposed method through experiments using patterned wafer images, which confirmed that the performance could be improved by applying Bayesian learning.