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Title Design of Temperature Control Battery Pack of Electric Vehicle using PCM Thermal Characteristics
Authors (Kyoojae Shin)
Page pp.505-512
ISSN 2287-5255
Keywords Thermal characteristics; Phase change materials; Electric vehicle; Battery pack and thermal control
Abstract This paper is about the thermal management of an electric vehicle battery pack with phase change materials. The battery pack safe operating temperature is 25 to 40°C. Under extreme conditions, the battery pack of electric vehicles will generates high heat during operation, so for this we proposed a thermal management of with phase change materials(pcms). At high heat genartion conditions, pcms will observe heat from battery pack. In addition, in extreme cold temperatures of zero degrees pcm will give warmth to battery pack. In this study, we analyzed the PCM properties and evaluated the hysteresis properties for effective heating and cooling of the battery pack. In order to perform optimal temperature control of the battery pack, a BTMS was designed and fabricated using the thermal characteristics of EG28 and EG26 PCMs and an optimized hysteresis PID control method. The proposed temperature control system was confirmed to be excellent through experiments.