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Title An Optimal Smart Tank Juice-level Monitoring System for Beverage Industries: A Case Study of Raha Beverages Company Limited, Arusha, Tanzania
Authors (Yvonne Iradukunda) ; (Elizabeth Mkoba) ; (Silas Mirau)
Page pp.222-230
ISSN 2287-5255
Keywords Smart tanks; Level-monitoring system; Beverage industries; Automatic pumps; Liquid overflow
Abstract Poor monitoring of levels in juice tanks is among the challenges that beverage industries face when pumping liquid from one tank to another. This leads to spilling fluids, faulty juice tests, and industrial accidents. To keep track of the liquid level in a tank, various approaches have been used. Existing technologies are costly and not interactive, and the majority do not benefit individuals with physical disabilities when manual monitoring is needed. The purpose of this paper is to present an optimal smart tank juice-level monitoring system that can be used in beverage industries. The system is able to monitor the juice level within a tank and regulate a pump using voice commands via Alexa and the Amazon Echo Dot. The proposed system was tested and validated, with key findings being that the developed prototype prevented overflowing, accidents, and changes in juice flavor during the dilution process. This paper contributes to the body of knowledge for food and beverage industries in that engineers and operators of beverage industries can monitor the level of juice in a tank, as well as enhance communication when pumping juice from one tank to another in real time.