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Title Color Barcode Detection of Complementary Color Barcode-based Optical Camera Communications with a Deep Neural Network
Authors (Min Tae Kim) ; (Byung Wook Kim)
Page pp.241-247
ISSN 2287-5255
Keywords Display-to-camera communication; Complementary color barcode-based optical camera communications; Deep neural network
Abstract Complementary color barcode-based optical camera communications (CCB-OCC), which uses electronic displays and cameras as data transmitters and receivers, can offer a simple and short-range communications interface. In this paper, we enhance the data rate of a CCB-OCC scheme by using deep neural network (DNN)-based color barcode detection and adaptive colorvalue extraction. Unlike a conventional scheme, the proposed method extracts a color barcode region using a You Only Look Once (YOLO) real-time detection model that provides reliable barcode region extraction from various viewing angles between the display and the camera. In addition, the proposed scheme extracts accurate color values from color histograms using adaptive peak positions that express consecutive signals between packets. Experimental results verify data rate improvement in the proposed CCB-OCC scheme using DNN-based barcode detection and adaptive color-value extraction in a display-to-camera (D2C) communications link.