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Title Efficient Object Detection Acceleration Methods for Autonomous-driving Embedded Platforms
Authors (Jiwoong Choi) ; (Dayoung Chun) ; (Hyuk-Jae Lee) ; (Hyun Kim)
Page pp.255-261
ISSN 2287-5255
Keywords Object detection; Embedded system; Deep learning; Autonomous driving; NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier
Abstract Object detection in autonomous vehicles is typically operated in an embedded system to reduce power consumption. The use of an object detection algorithm with high accuracy and realtime detection speed in the embedded systems is essential for ensuring safe driving. This study proposes a parallel processing method for GPU and CPU operations to enhance the detection speed of the model. In addition, this study proposes data augmentation and image resize techniques that consider the camera input size of autonomous driving, which increases the accuracy significantly while improving the detection speed. The application of these proposed schemes to a baseline algorithm, tiny Gaussian YOLOv3, improves the mean average precision by 1.14 percent points (pp) for the Berkeley Deep Drive (BDD) dataset and 1.34 pp for the KITTI dataset compared to the baseline. Furthermore, in the NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier, which is an embedded platform for autonomous driving, the proposed algorithm improves the detection speed by 22.54 % for the BDD, and 24.67 % for the KITTI compared to the baseline, thereby enabling high-speed real-time detection on both datasets.