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Title Event-based White Blood Cell Classification from Nailfold Capillaries
Authors (Yuli Sun Hariyani) ; (Cheolsoo Park)
Page pp.270-275
ISSN 2287-5255
Keywords White blood cells; Nailfold capillary; Event-based data; Classification; Dynamic vision sensor
Abstract Detecting absorption gaps in a nailfold capillary can be used to quantify an estimation of white blood cells (WBCs). Previously, the absorption gaps in a nailfold capillary were usually measured using a standard camera on a fingernail. However, difficulties arise due to low visibility of the gap, the small size of the capillaries, the high speed of WBC movement, and the lack of contrast between the capillary and its environment/background. To address these issues, an eventbased WBC image is utilized as input data to detect WBC existence in the nailfold. Specifically, we utilize a dynamic vision sensor (DVS) camera, which can detect a change in luminance on a pixel basis and can produce a stream of asynchronous event output at a microsecond temporal resolution.
With the event-based WBC dataset, we conduct a classification task using three different machine learning algorithms: k-nearest neighbors, the decision tree, and random forest. The best result is from random forest with 75.51% accuracy. Based on our evaluation, event-based WBC classification is a promising new approach to detecting WBC presence in nailfold capillaries.