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Title A Study on Parallel Clustering Algorithms based on MapReduce
Authors (Garvit Chugh) ; (Nitesh Singh Bhati) ; (Puneet Kumar) ; (Vishal Bharti)
Page pp.276-283
ISSN 2287-5255
Keywords MapReduce; Clustering; K means; K harmonic; Parallel execution
Abstract Since the advent of the global computerized market, the volume of digital information has grown exponentially, as has the demand for storing it. As the price of storage devices decreases, the necessity to analyze vast quantities of unstructured digital data to retain only essential information increases. MapReduce is a programming paradigm for producing and generating massive information indices. Using MapReduce to produce meaningful clusters from such a massive amount of raw data is an efficient way to manage such voluminous amounts of data. On the other hand, the existing industry standard for data clustering algorithms presents significant obstacles. The conventional clustering calculation efficiently handles a great deal of information from various sources, such as online media, business, and the web. Nevertheless, the sequential count in clustering approaches is time-intensive in these conventional calculations. The wide varieties of K-Means, including K-Harmonic Means, are sensitive to forming cluster centers in huge datasets. This work suggests a logical evaluation of such calculations. It offers a study of the various k-means clustering algorithms employed in MapReduce, as well as the study on the introduction and the open challenges of parallelism in MapReduce.