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Title Efficient Task Offloading in Vehicular Fog Networks
Authors (Ihsan Ullah) ; (Byung-Seo Kim)
Page pp.33-40
ISSN 2287-5255
Keywords WMMFS; Efficient offloading; VFC; Task placement
Abstract Vehicular fog computing (VFC) has emerged as the key enabler in reducing computation processing delays and relieving base station (fog node) workload by utilizing the underutilized resources of vehicles during peak traffic hours. The base station distributes computation tasks among the available fog nodes. In VFC, efficient task placement and judicious resource utilization that can provide timely computations to delay-intolerant applications within the strict latency budget are highly challenging. Therefore, this paper proposes an efficient resource utilization and task placement strategy in VFC to reduce the computation latency and network resource utilization. The fog node adopts the weighted max-min fair share (WMMFS) to prioritize the received computation tasks and distribute the tasks among the available vehicles based on tasks’ priority. An efficient strategy is devised where the high-priority tasks are offloaded toward the most reliable vehicles to uphold the QoS and QoE application. Extensive simulations showed that the proposed offloading scheme outperformed the random offloading scheme.