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Title The Application of Mobile Technology in the Innovation of the Internationalization Model of English Teaching
Authors (Bin Li)
Page pp.51-60
ISSN 2287-5255
Keywords Mobile technology; English teaching; Internationalization mode; RBF algorithm; Association rules
Abstract The “explosive” development of information technology and the acceleration of teaching reform have made it difficult to adapt the traditional “cramming” English teaching method to the development of education and affect the improvement of students’ comprehensive quality and the international innovation of teaching mode. Therefore, based on the current situation and characteristics of English teaching, the research proposes that the dynamic prediction of teaching information will be realized with the help of an improved radial basis function neural network algorithm based on mobile technology, i.e., the support and confidence in association rules will be used as the basis for RBF algorithm to select the data center, and a mobile intelligent teaching system will be built to promote the transformation of teaching mode. The results showed that the overall sample output error of the improved RBF algorithm was less than 3%. The generalization performance was good. The classification accuracy of teaching data was more than 93%, and the teaching correlation was basically more than 0.15. The system platform can effectively extract the characteristic factors of teaching importance, which makes the score of teachers’ and students’ dissatisfaction with the effect of English teaching decrease by more than 55%. The above results showed that the teaching system supported by mobile technology can effectively realize the dynamic management of English teaching activities and provide some technical and theoretical support for teachers to adjust their teaching plans.