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Title A Comprehensive Review of Cyber-physical System (CPS)-based Approaches to Robot Services
Authors (Soomin Shim) ; (Joon Young Kim) ; (Seong Wook Hwang) ; (Jeong Min Oh) ; (Bo Kyung Kim) ; (Ju Hee Park) ; (Dong Jin Hyun,) ; (Heesang Lee)
Page pp.69-80
ISSN 2287-5255
Keywords CPS; Virtual spaces; Robot services; SLR; TSA
Abstract Robotics is one of the leading technologies that can support and assist human activities and physical tasks. Recent advancements regarding the metaverse and virtual reality have allowed robots to operate through teleoperation or in a remote virtual space in real time. In addition to these technical advancements, various service and business items are being developed and deployed throughout virtual spaces and in robotics. In this context, it is necessary to approach virtual space and robotics research based on a cyber-physical system (CPS). However, to identify state-of-the-art services and items associated with CPS-based robotics research, we need in-depth analyses and follow-up of current research and development trends in virtual space and in robotics from academic and industrial perspectives. The present work investigates current trends in, and considerations of, robotics in virtual space by taking comprehensive approaches, specifically, the systematic literature review (SLR) and technical standards analysis (TSA). In the SLR, we finalized a selection of 36 publications, and then proceeded with trend and technical-item analyses. In the TSA, we selected four standards documents and analyzed the contents and critical aspects of each standard. The analysis results are interconnected to provide comprehensive insights into, and considerations for, CPS-based robot services.