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Title Improving the Contrast of Aerial Images using a New Multi-concept Algorithm
Authors (Zohair Al-Ameen)
Page pp.353-364
ISSN 2287-5255
Keywords Aerial imaging; Contrast enhancement; Multi-concept algorithm; Remote sensing
Abstract Aerial images are highly beneficial for a range of real-life applications. On the other hand, the quality of these images is often degraded by a low-contrast effect caused by many causatives that are difficult to avoid during the acquisition process. Therefore, a new multi-concept algorithm is proposed to improve the contrast of aerial images adequately in a fully automatic way. The proposed algorithm combines several processing concepts of S-curve mapping functions, logarithmic image processing, and normalization. The newly developed algorithm was tested with artificial and natural-degraded images, and the quality of the resulting images from different comparisons was evaluated using four advanced image quality assessment (IQA) metrics. Intensive experiments and evaluations showed that the proposed algorithm could improve the contrast for various types of aerial images rapidly. In addition, it could outperform many advanced contrast enhancement algorithms regarding the IQA scores, perceived quality, and processing speed.