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Title Epsilon NSGAIII (?-NSGAIII) for Multi-objective Problems
Authors (Lina Setiyani) ; (Takeo Okazaki)
Page pp.391-398
ISSN 2287-5255
Keywords Epsilon; NSGAIII; Multi-objective tour guide assignment problem; MOEA framework
Abstract The Non-dominated Sorted Genetic Algorithm III (NSGAIII) is known as an optimization algorithm with good efficiency and reliability in solving multi-objective optimization problems. However, in some cases, NSGAIII has been reported to have difficulties in maintaining diversity in the solutions for multi-objective optimization. In this study, we apply epsilon dominance (?-dominance) archiving to NSGAIII to enhance the algorithm’s efficiency and reliability. ?-dominance NSGAIII (?-NSGAIII) was tested on standard evolutionary multi-objective optimization test problems. The results show that introducing ?-dominance archiving can enhance the performance of the algorithm. Furthermore, the performance of ?-NSGAIII was also compared to the original NSGAIII, ?-NSGAII, and ?-MOEA for a multi-objective Tour Guide Assignment Problem (TGAP).